High-visibility safety wear has become more and more prevalent over recent years. The apparel is worn where visibility is central to personal safety. Simply put, safety wear improves how well a person can be "seen" by others. High-visibility apparel is particularly relevant to those working in traffic situations or construction sites, especially in low-light and dark conditions. At TOA, a variety of customized safety wear is available for numerous industries.

Safety apparel can be customized to suit particular industries, as well as specific business specifications. Certified reflective apparel is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. If you require special requests or have certain questions, please contact us.

Fluorescent and Reflective Safety Wear

Fluorescent materials “convert” ultra-violet light from the sun into more visible light. Needless to say, this material requires a source of natural sunlight. Fluorescent material will appear brighter than regular material when there is low natural light (like at dusk and dawn). Fluorescent colours will provide the most contrast against other backgrounds.

Retro-Reflective materials return light back in the direction of a light source. This material allows light to be reflected back to a vehicle’s light beam, for example. Retro-Reflective material is much more effective under low-light conditions. However, the less-than-adequate contrast makes these materials less effective in sunny, daylight conditions.

Different classes of High-Visibility Safety Apparel

CSA Standards are designed to set performance levels for safety wear. Depending on the industry and usage, there are standards for colours, luminosity, and even body coverage. CSA categorizes three classes of safety wear, based on the amount of body coverage that’s provided.

Class 1 - provides the lowest acceptable coverage while offering good visibility
Class 2 - provides a moderate level of body coverage along with greater visibility
Class 3 - provides the best body coverage/visibility under poor light conditions


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