Custom gifting has never been easier.  Choose your favourite products, package them in one amazing box, ship directly to their door step.  We do all the work ... ask us how!

We help you build MerchPacks as a powerful tool to solve challenges and achieve goals. We are putting the power in your hands.


A MerchPack is a careful selection of promotional products kitted with a note that is sent directly to people that you need to engage. This can be anything from a new hire onboarding kit, customer appreciation gift

2. Why are MechPacks important?
Right now our communities are scattered but they still need to be in touch with them. We need to remind our customers to treat yourself whether its a cozy hoodie, delicious treats or simple laptop stickers. More than ever, this is the real time to show everyone that you care.

3. Will you ship to all my contacts?
Yes. No more kitting and shipping in the boardroom. We kit everything and ship directly to all of your contacts, just provide an Excel file on contact addresses after your order confirmation. Applicable shipping fees will be additional.

4. How long does it take?
It depends on the promotional product that you select for your swag box but a good rule of thumb is 2-3 weeks for production.


For customers and clients who continue to operate remotely, delivering gifts can be tricky. It is always important to let customers know they're appreciated - even more so when times are tough. Drop shipments are an easy solution, and the nicer packaging will make the gift experience even better.

Conferences, tradeshows and sales meetings are just some of the events moving online, creating a few new challenges:

Create some buzz and get everyone excited by delivering event swag in advance with drop shipments.
Virtual event MerchPack ideas:

Lots of people are working from home, which can make it hard to maintain company culture and keep everyone feeling like part of a team Employee gifts are a great way to reinforce team spirit and, of course, let people know they’re appreciated.  Bonus: A MerchPack message card will make it all feel even more personal.

The health of the planet is a big concern, and more people want gifts that reduce the impact.
Create a MerchPack featuring products make with eco-friendly materials, as well as sustainable substitutes for single use plastics.

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